Dear Mrs. Reese

I have been toying with the idea of starting a sewing blog for some time now, but haven’t with the excuse that I don’t have enough time.  Then I realized that I have been keeping a sewing blog of sorts.  I’ve just been doing it on paper, not online.  Let me explain:

Several years ago, I was taught to sew by a dear lady named Mrs. Reese.   Mrs. Reese is a retired home economics teacher and an absolute pleasure to be around.  She has such a loving, joyful spirit that I long to emulate.  When she expressed an interest in teaching me to sew, I took her up on it, not because I thought I would like it, but because I wanted to spend more time with her.  In fact, when I took home ec. in high school all of my attempts at sewing were a complete failure and I hated it, so I was actually not looking forward to the sewing part at all.

But I agreed, so each Thursday afternoon, I would go over to her house and eat munchies and watch Judge Judy while she taught me how to sew.  We started with the basics, first practicing on paper, then on scraps of fabric and soon we were making simple projects like an apron and a totebag and before I knew it, I was hooked.  I fell in love with sewing and now I can’t seem to stop.

Unfortunately, just a short year after I started taking sewing lessons from Mrs. Reese, I had to stop because my husband and I moved to another state.  I miss her dearly, but I try to keep in touch with her and let her know about all of my sewing projects.  Every so often I will take pictures of my projects and send them to her with written explanations of my work.

It was while I was writing the latest one that I had my “I’m already blogging” revelation.   So my plan now is to keep writing to her,  I’m just going to do it in the form of a blog so others can read it as well.  I won’t promise to keep this blog strictly about sewing things,  (believe it or not, I do think about other things) but that is mostly what I will focus on.  I hope you enjoy!

Mrs. Reese and me

This is a picture of me and Mrs. Reese.


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