I won! Again!

I awoke this morning to the news that, for the second time in as many weeks,  I won a prize!  I have been driving my husband crazy lately by sitting at the computer for hours on end visiting sewing blogs and registering for giveaways.

Last month, Sew, Mama, Sew! hosted a giveaway day and over 400 bloggers joined in by offering up goodies for free to one or two lucky winners.  I had the good fortune of winning this lovely prize from Betulá Loo.

This month, SEWN, a newbie in the world of sewing websites, hosted another giveaway as part of their big launch party.  They had over 100 bloggers participate and I was lucky again!  This time I won this lovely prize from Terrie Sandelin!

I am very pleased with my winnings and am very grateful to all the bloggers who were generous enough to offer up prizes.   But what I gained most from the expreience of spending hours registering to win prizes was that I found many wonderful sewing blogs written by a host of creative people around the world.  When I have time, I promise I will add them to my blog roll.


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