An Early Father’s Day Present

closed laptop sleeveWe got a new laptop last month and I’ve been promising my husband that I would make him a sleeve for it.  So, just in time for Father’s day, here it is.   (It’s not really his Father’s day present. I have something much more exciting for that.)  open laptopI made several little mistakes and one big one, but the big one turned out not to be a mistake at all.  I used this tutorial to make it and overall, it was a great tutorial. The only problem was that what she called width, I called length.  So, when I cut out my pieces and started putting them together, I realized that my flap was going to be on the long side of the laptop instead of the short side, like hers was.  Which I kind of like better, so I’m not really counting that as a mistake.   up close frontThis is not a good picture, but you can see the design I put on the front.  I still haven’t decided if I like it or not, though it does look better in person.   My husband asked for a plain, solid color, but when pressed he conceded to a pattern of some sorts as long as no flowers were involved.


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