I’d hoped this would happen….

playing with sewing machine

I got this machine from my great aunt who passed away over 10 years ago.  A couple of summers ago we finally got around to cleaning out her house and nobody wanted any of her sewing stuff, so I got it.  I mainly wanted the table that the sewing machine came in, but I took the machine too.  Last week I took the machine into a local repair shop and they confirmed what I kind of already knew: I could buy a better machine for less money than it would cost to fix this one.   And since this machine has very little sentimental value (my aunt did not actually do much sewing) and since it’s not one of the really awesome,  well built, older machines like these, I’ve decided to just stick with what I have for now (more on this later).

However, my girls seem to like my aunt’s sewing machine a lot.

I just knew that would love it

My hope is that if I let them play with a sewing machine at this young, impressionable age they will beg me to teach them to sew as soon as they are old enough.


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