Sunday Stash 1

I’ve decided to join in Tamara’s Sunday Stash for two reasons.

First of all, my husband is really polite when I come back from the fabric shop or the thrift shop with a fabulous fabric purchase, but truly, he doesn’t care. I love him for trying, but I know that he really doesn’t care.

Secondly, I really like the idea of having a predetermined, quick and easy post for Sundays.  Around our house, we try to leave the computer off on Sundays.  Between work and, quite frankly, a lot of time wasting, we both spend way too much time in front of a computer screen.  So honestly, most of my Sunday Stash posts will be written on Saturday and post-dated to publish on Sunday. I hope you enjoy.

So, let me introduce you.

These are the larger pieces that I’ve recently acquired.

larger pieces

This hat box is filled with my fat quarters and slightly less than fat quarter pieces.

fat quarters and less

The top drawer is my scrap bin and the bottom two drawers are filled with random larger pieces left over from previous projects.

scraps Check back next Sunday and I’ll highlight one of my favorites.


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