A Practice Dress and Some Unfinished Business

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning on using that sheet to make a practice dress for myself.  Well, here it is:

on the hangerI plan to make the actual dress out of Anna Maria Horner’s Social Climber (to be featured in my next Sunday Stash post), but I love the fabric so much and I paid too much for it.  I couldn’t just cut into it without knowing that I would be pleased with the resulting dress.  So, I made this one to practice.  I figured I would not cry as much over a $1.99 sheet I got from Goodwill.

I used this pattern to make it:dress pattern 1

I made dress C.  It’s the one in the middle on the top.  It was stressful at times, mainly because it’s been a few years since I have attempted to make a top or dress for myself.  (Shirts and dresses for little girls are a little bit less involved.)  There were times when I wished I was back working with Mrs. Reese because I would have loved her help.  There was actually one point when I stared at the instructions and completely useless pictures for almost an hour before I figured out what I was supposed to do next and honestly, I didn’t figure it out because the instructions suddenly made sense, I figured it out because I stopped looking at the instructions and just looked at the fabric and did what made sense.  I have to say, though, that the whole process would have been a lot more stressful if I had been using Anna’s fabric and not the Goodwill sheet.

front hands on hips

Overall, I am pleased with the dress – I even wore it in public, which I totally was not planning to do.  I do plan to make this next one a little shorter because as is, it falls at an awkward place on my knees.  I really don’t think the real dress will be hard at all, now that I’ve already had it out with the pattern.  It will be a while before I get to it though because I have vowed not to start any more projects until this one is finished:

whole topThis is a quilt that I started almost 10 years ago.  It was going to be a wedding present for my husband, but it was a little bit too ambitious.  I finished the top last night and am now in the process of making the sandwich.  Wish me luck.


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