It’s official…….

*note- I wrote this post about two weeks ago, but apparently never hit the “publish” button,   so it’s a little out of date, but here it is.*

Summer is here!  I couldn’t tell you the official start date of summer to save my life, but I personally consider it to be officially summer when I eat my first tomato. I know you can find things labeled “tomatoes” in the supermarket year round, but those are just impostors, they are not really tomatoes.  These are real tomatoes:

first tomatoes These beauties arrived on my doorstep on Saturday.  My very thoughtful grandparents actually mailed me tomatoes from their garden.  I have  explained to them that I have a wonderful farmer’s market within walking distance of my house, but they still have an innate need to personally provide for their offspring (or in my case the offspring of their offspring).   They also sent these:

and blueberriesBetween me and my babies these won’t last long.


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