Sunday Stash 3

fat quarter stackThis is at stack of fat quarters I got at JoAnn’s last sale when they had them for 99 cents each. Here is of my favorites from this stack:favorite fat quarter 1

I think it will make a great apron.

Stay tuned for next week’s Sunday Stash.  My favorite fabric shop is having their 50% off sale all next week.  Even the good stuff is on sale.  It is so thoughtful of them to have it the week after my mortgage is due, instead of before.  It might have been a difficult choice otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash 3

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the SALE! I just wish I already had a skirt pattern that I wanted to try, so I could get fabric for that. Any idea on average how much I would need?

      • Thanks! Looks like 2 yards should work for most anything I’d want. Still wish I already had a pattern I wanted so I would know for sure that I wasn’t getting more fabric than needed.

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