On The Road Again

Next week, I will be heading on my quarterly jaunt to see my family.  I am simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading it.

I am dreading:

944 total miles + 2 one year olds + 11 family members that try to help out, but usually end up not being very helpful – 1 wonderful husband =lots of potential stress

I am looking forward to:

6 days to introduce my girls to the wonderfulness of beach living.
I am also dreading being away from my sewing maching for that long.  I had resigned myself to this, but the more I thought about it, the less I could bare the thought of a whole week without doing anything creative.  So, I picked up these goodies:

retro stitchinI have never done any embrodery, but this book promised “really easy embrodery using only 5 stitches” and includes clear diagrams of those 5 stitches.  Plus, it has lots of iron on transfers that can be used more than once.  I also picked up some cotton/linen remnants that I plan to turn into tea towels and iron on the designs before I leave, so whenever the itch hits me, my little hands will have something to do.


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