A student

stella at the machine

Mrs Reese will be so proud.  Since I began writing to her and telling her about my sewing projects, Mrs. Reese has been encouraging me to teach someone else to sew and now I am.

My friend Stella and her husband come over once a week to eat and hold babies.  Then after supper we put the babies to bed and the guys “retire to the library” and discuss books.   Stella and I typically just chat, but a couple of weeks ago she brought over a sewing pattern that her husband bought her (he really wants her to learn to sew) and we started working on it.

We spent the first few weeks going over the pattern and she cut out the pieces.  Last night, she started working on the machine.  stitchingShe wound the bobbin, loaded it and threaded the machine, then started stitching on scraps.  Look at these beautiful lines!  I think she’s a natural.beautiful stitchingI sent her home with some scraps, thread and an empty bobbin to practice with.  Hopefully next time we will start stitching on her skirt.


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