Green Day

Last week, I stopped into Goodwill in between meetings with clients.  I only had a few minutes, but I did find a few great things.

I found this handmade apron while looking through their linens and I couldn’t skirt

Look at the embroidery.  I just love it.embroidery

I love finding handmade things at Goodwill, but I always feel a little bit guilty when buying them.  I have a strange urge to track down the person that made it and pay them more money.  Paying 99 cents for something that took so much time to make just does not seem right.

Speaking of not seeming quite right….green glasses

I bought these glasses with good intentions of giving them as a gift, but when I got them home, I decided that I just could not part with them. (I also discovered that one of them has a crack in it, which, of course, completely justified my decision to not give them as a gift.) I love everything about them.  I love the color, the size, the weight, the way they remind me of my childhood (we had similar glasses in my home growing up.)  So here’s to Goodwill and cheap pleasures.


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