My wonderful birthday

I just wanted to share a few stories and photos from my birthday.  I received several cards in the mail bearing wonderful gifts including a generous gift certificate to my favorite fabric store from my parents and a gift card to JoAnn’s from my Aunt, but my favorite gift that came in the mail was from my wonderful husband.


Ottobre is a sewing magazine published in Finland and each issue comes packed with patterns.  My husband keeps telling me that he’s not a mind reader so about a month ago, I sent him a link to Ottobre’s website, telling him exactly which subscription I wanted for my birthday.  While I wasn’t surprised by my gift, I think we were both happier in the end.

dinner at chappy's

Speaking of my wonderful husband, here is a picture of us at Chappy’s for supper.  The entire meal was awesome, but my favorite part was this:

fried green tomatoes

This is the best fried green tomato ever.  What?  It doesn’t look like a fried green tomato?  Trust me, under the mound of Parmesan cheese, lobster tails and hollandaise sauce is a fried green tomato and it is wonderful.

After dinner we went contra dancing.  You can see my new dress is hard at work.

adoring husbandgypsy

hands fourswing your partner


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