I can remember exactly where I was on September 11th 2001 when I heard the news that our country was being attacked and I’m sure most of you can as well.  I remember the helpless feeling I had and how hard it was to go to sleep that night.  And I still tear up at the sight of Ground Zero or when I think about the families who  daily mourn the loss of loved ones who should still be here today.

But I also remember where I was on the day our country invaded Iraq.  I wasn’t surprised by this news, but I was deeply saddened and I remember sitting on our couch and weeping.  I wept for our soldiers and their families, but I also wept for the people of Iraq.  I am not I am not a politician and I do not pretend to have a solution for all of the world’s problems.  I am not here to argue that we should or shouldn’t have invaded Iraq. But it is very difficult for me to pray only for our country or for our soldiers without thinking about the fact that there are innocent people in every nation.  People who are just trying to live out their lives in the best way they know how and have not done anything wrong except be born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am grateful for all of our soldiers who leave the comfort and safety of their homes to serve our country, but I am especially grateful for MAJ Art La Flamme who has organized an amazing project called Iraqi Bundles of Love. He is about to leave Iraq to come home, but wanted to leave something behind to help the people of Iraq (That, my friend, makes me proud to be an American).  The son, brother and husband of quilters (and the father of a future quilter) he is well aware that most of us usually have more sewing supplies than we need.  So he has asked us to build a small bundle of sewing supplies and ship them to him where they will be distributed to Iraqi women and small businesses where they are much needed and will certainly be put to good use.


Thank you MAJ La Flame for the opportunity to do something kind for people whom I will never meet.  I pray that the people of Iraq not only receive sewing supplies, but that they are encouraged by the fact that there are people all over the world that care about them and that want to make their lives better.


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