Gentlemen, please ignore this post

I just made myself a pair of undies!  I’m quite pleased with them.

I just got the latest issue of Ottobre Woman in the mail on Friday.  This is the third issue of Ottobre I have received and while I love almost everything in each issue, I have yet to make a single item from their patterns.  Partly this is due to my long and constantly growing list of things to sew, but mostly I haven’t tried anything from them yet because the patterns look like this:ottobre patternsand the instructions for each item are all less than a page long. I honestly thought sewing from these magazines would be very frustrating, so I decided to start with something small.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really like the lack of guidance.  Instead of staring at detailed instructions for hours before giving up and just doing what seems logical, I just do what seems logical.  Less frustration, less time.  It’s great.

In less than a couple of hours from start to finish, I have my first Ottobre creation and my first ever pair of handmade undies.

1st pairI am very excited about how easy they were to make.   I also learned how to use my twin needle on my sewing machine, which I used to stitch the elastic casing on the waistband.

I used fold over elastic in the leg openings.  I had vague recollections of this post and this post from the Angry Chicken and I must have mixed them up in my head because somehow, I thought she had used FOE on her underwear. After the fact, I was looking around on her blog and couldn’t find any evidence of this and now think I just mis-remembered, but whatever, it worked very well for me and now I have decided that FOE is my new BFF too.

I can’t wait to make more of these.  They use so little fabric, it would be a great way to recycle some of my old t-shirts.  I also can’t wait to try out some more Ottobre designs, now that I’ve discovered how liberating a lack of detailed instructions can be.


One thought on “Gentlemen, please ignore this post

  1. I was toying today with an Ottobre subscription – and now I’m TERRIFIED! And that lack of detailed instruction. Hmn. Not sure I know enough to not need baby steps and hand holding! (Nice undies!)

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