Broken sewing machine

I had to take Grace into the shop last week because she was giving me indecipherable error messages.  While I am a little concerned about having a new machine broken so soon, the shop has assured me that they will either fix it or give me another one.  I am so glad I took the advice of experienced sewers and bought from a local shop rather than a large chain store.

So for the past week, I’ve been using my old machine to do a little bit of sewing.  However, I’m slightly limited with this machine because it will only do straight stitches.  Now, I am even more limited because yesterday my iron gave out on me as well.  I didn’t realize how much I used my iron in sewing until I didn’t have one. I have no less than 5 projects in progress and I can’t do anything else with any of them until I have either a machine that zig-zags, an iron that works or both.


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