I blame the weasel.

I have known for some time now that I would eventually succumb to the knitting  bug, but I kind of figured it would be a few years instead of right now, when I have fifty million other things going on.  But it snuck up behind me and bit me so a couple of days ago I found myself at a crafting store on the phone with one of my friends who knits asking her what size needles to buy.

yarn and needles

Full disclosure: I used my friend’s advice about needle size in general, but eventually ended up choosing these needles because I thought they looked pretty with my yarn.  Here’s my first cast on.

first cast on

And here’s the beginning of my first scarf.

beginnings of a scarfAs much as I would like to blame all of this on the 45 women at my church who knit (O.k. maybe there are not really 45 knitters, maybe there are just a few women who knit ALL THE TIME making it seem like there are 45 knitters.  Seriously, last Sunday I was walking down the hall and overheard three different conversations about knitting within a 10 yard stretch.), I also have to give credit to my blogging friends who I started following because they sew, but recently it seems that there have been a lot of posts about knitting projects.

One of the things that was holding me back from knitting was that I was afraid that it would take away from my sewing time, but my fellow bloggers prove that it’s o,k. to love two crafts at the same time.  I also realized that because knitting is more portable than sewing it is not very likely to take away from my sewing time.  You are still likely to find me at my sewing machine during those times when my girls are sleeping or when Daddy is nice enough to give me a few hours of “me time”, but now you can find me knitting at other times such as in the car or while I’m watching a video with my girls.

I also have to blame some of this on the weasel.  You see, last weekend, I discovered I have a weasel living in my house.  A yarn weasel that is.

yarn weaselThis lovely piece was in my home throughout my childhood and lived in the hallway right outside my room. I have fond memories of using it to play “ship captain” with my brother and friends, but we had no idea what it was.  My dad, who inherited it along with a spinning wheel figured that it was related to the spinning wheel, but he didn’t know how.  When my husband and I bought our house, my dad asked me if I wanted the weasel and I gladly said yes even though at the time I had no idea what it was.  Visitors will often look at it and ask “what’s that?” and until last weekend, I had no answer.  On Saturday night, my curiosity finally got the best of me and I figured it out. Isn’t the internet wonderful?  Now when guests ask me I can tell them “It’s a weasel.”

There is not a whole lot of information about yarn weasels online, but from what I understand, it is used to wind the yarn off of the spinning wheel and it measures the yarn in the process.  There are gears on the inside and after so many turns, there is a mechanism inside that “pops” to let you know that you have an entire skein of yarn.  (All around the mulberry bush……..)  Unfortunately, my weasel no longer pops, but the gears are still inside so I have hope that one day it will pop again.  Until then, it just seems wrong for someone who doesn’t even knit to own a yarn weasel.  So, in part, I blame the weasel.


6 thoughts on “I blame the weasel.

  1. You are absolutely allowed to love multiple crafts. In fact, I love so many crafts that Javan has told me I am not allowed to get any more crafts. Except … well, Javan doesn’t know it but I am making him a scrapbook for Christmas so that is another craft. I hope that he will be so pleased with his present that it won’t occur to him that it is another craft.

  2. Hah! Did you say ‘ok to love two crafts at the same time’? I wish! I’ll be happy to keep things at twenty. Anyway, you are right on the portability thing. I always feel SO sorry for parents doing kid pick ups, waiting around wasting all that time staring into the middle distance, jingling their car keys, coming over all impatient. Me? I’m saying to myself “ooh, I might just be able to squeeze in one more row!”

  3. I do love knitting too because it’s more portable than my sewing projects. I have never heard of a yarn weasel, but it reminds me of a yarn swift to help win skeins into a neat yarn ball. This time of year is great to pick up my knitting again, especially fingerless gloves.

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