Halloween Costumes

I had planned on buying Halloween costumes for the girls this year because I didn’t want to put so much time into something they were only going to wear for a few hours, but as the month shaped up, I realized that they would have at least half a dozen chances to wear them.  In addition, I wanted them to be lady bugs and couldn’t find costumes that I liked.  I was at JoAnns last month and they had patterns on sale for 99 cents each and I couldn’t resist.  I used Simplicity 2788, but mine looks nothing like the pattern.  Basically, I used the pattern to cut out the pieces and ignored the rest of the directions.

ruby from the sideThe pattern sizing was way too big for my girls.  I even double checked their measurements to make sure I had made the “correct” size.  I ended up taking in the body a lot and it is still huge.  For the hats I had to completely leave out two of the panels to get them to fit.

from back

I made several stylistic changes to the costume.  I turned the body into a dress and added black tulle and red ribbon.  I made the body black and the wings red with black spots.  I used pipe cleaners for the antenna. And instead of making a black jumpsuit to go under the costume, I just bought long sleeved shirts and leggings from Goodwill.

sitting on couch

lila asking for candy

ruby profile


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