I finished my quilted advent calendar.  I used the tutorial from Oh, Fransson!

This year we are just putting small treats in the pockets for the girls.  Each day of Advent, we plan to read scripture and then the girls get their treat.  We are thinking about ways to make this more meaningful for the girls as they get older.  Any ideas?  We don’t want Advent and Christmas to only be about getting stuff. 

Here is my binding.  I attached the binding with my machine and it was easier than I thought it would be.


I actually had the calendar finished and the binding made about a month ago, but I dreaded attaching it.  I really did not feel like I did a good job binding my first quilt and I didn’t want to mess this one up as well.  I used a video from e-how to learn how to do a mitered corner and then a different video to learn how to join the ends. I was much happier with this binding than the binding on my first quilt. (True confession, I didn’t actually have a binding on my first quilt, I just folded over the sheet I used to back it with and sewed it over the top.)

Here’s the back.  I didn’t have a large enough piece of white fabric to back it with, so I added a few strips of patchwork.


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