Feeling a bit frugal

My husband and I have recently begun paying close attention to where our money is going.  Really close attention.  Our goals are to A) live within our means (i.e. to “act our wage“) and B) to become debt free.  I am so grateful that both of us have jobs and that goal A is not really a problem.  We are no strangers to a budget and while we don’t make a lot of money, we make enough to pay our bills.  Goal B is the hard part.  While I don’t expect to pay off our house any time soon, I do believe that if we are very careful with the money we do have, that we can begin to chip away at our other debt (mainly student loans).

So why I am rambling about my personal finances on my sewing blog?  Well, I’ve discovered that sewing is a really good hobby to have when you’re broke (or when you’re choosing to live like you’re broke in order to pay off your debts faster).  It’s wonderful to waltz into your favorite fabric shop and buy whatever suits your fancy.  It’s nice to be able to hop on over to your local craft store to pick up whatever notions you need for your next project.  But these are luxuries, not necessities.  Sewing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  In fact, if you are creative, it can end up saving you a lot of money.

Here’s what I found myself doing a few days ago:

I took the mattress pad for my daughters’ bed out of the dryer and discovered that the stretchy part that makes it stay on the mattress had been torn away from the mattress pad during washing.  At first I thought, ugh, I’ve got to buy a new one and then realized that it will stay on the bed just fine if you put a sheet over it.  I was about to throw out the part that fell off when I realized that it was attached to a LOT of 1/2 in. elastic.  Three yards to be exact.  I know that elastic doesn’t cost a lot, but I couldn’t just throw away three yards of elastic now could I?


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