It’s Potty Time!

My girls are mostly potty trained.  Yea!    They are still wearing diapers for nap time and night-time and occasionally during the day when we are out of the house, but for the most part, they are wearing big girl panties and doing pretty well.

While I am glad to be spending less time washing and changing diapers, I am now spending a lot of time in the bathroom.  Seriously, a potty trip with twin toddlers, well, it takes time.  A lot of time.  By the time you add up the dressing, the undressing, the wiping, the flushing, the hand washing and let’s not forget the actual time spent on the potty, a single potty experience can add up to at least 20 minutes.   And while I consider myself mostly a stay-at-home mother, we don’t do much staying at home, which means that a lot of these 20 minute potty “experiences” take place in public restrooms.  Dirty, germ-ridden, public restrooms.  Fun.  So right after I stocked up on hand sanitizer, I had to tackle the problem of the potty seat.

I found this little guy at the baby store and fell in love.  Not only is it a potty seat, but the sides fold down and it becomes a portable potty.  (It has disposable liners that act sort of like diapers and you throw them away when you are done.)  Perfect for road trips, especially if you are traveling the back roads in south Alabama where you can go hours with no restrooms.

The problem is that my smallest daughter literally falls right through this seat because her little bum is so skinny.  The solution I came up with is to make a cushion with a smaller hole.  I used a piece of foam and covered it with oilcloth.  I attached some elastic to each side which holds the cushion onto the seat.

Here’s a picture of her sitting on it (clothed, of course).

The cushion adds a little bit more bulk, but the whole thing still fits in my diaper bag. I’ve been using it as a potty seat for a couple of months now, but we get to test drive it as a portable potty next week when we take a road trip down to Alabama see my folks.

My next potty related craft will be to make a ton of these cute undies.


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