My Background Dress.

I was in the middle of making this dress when one of my favorite bloggers posted this.  ( I hope she doesn’t mind me stealing her post title.)
The only problem with me having a background dress is that I don’t really have many accessories.  O.K., unless my flip flops and my wedding ring count, I don’t have any accessories.  But I still really like the dress.

I used Simplicity 2882 and am mostly pleased with the way it fits.  I was a little bit concerned about fit at the outset because, honestly, although I’ve been sewing for a while, I still haven’t figured out what size I am, especially for tops and dresses.

When Mrs. Reese was teaching me to sew, she took my measurements and decided that I was a size 14.  Here is one of the first tops I made with her:

This is Simplicity 4534 and I love the way it fits everywhere except through the shoulders and chest.  It’s not low-cut through the chest, but because it is loose, when I look down I can see everything.  Which means that anyone who is taller than me, can see everything too and let’s face it, there are a lot of people who are taller than me.  The result is that, although I love this shirt, I don’t wear it much because of this.

So, when I was making this dress, I dropped to a size 12.

which for the most part worked, but I ended up having to use a smaller seam allowance to make sure the zipper would zip.

Honestly, I intended to keep buying size 12 patterns, but I accidentally picked up the wrong size when I bought this pattern six months ago and did not feel like going back to the store to exchange it.

So, I decided to just go with the size 14 and modify it as needed.  The only thing I did right off the bat was take about 1 inch off the top of both the front and back shoulder pieces before I sewed them together.  This may not be a recommended modification, but I have often done this to store-bought tops and dresses to fix the too-loose/too-low-cut-in-the-chest-area problem.

This was such a success, I will probably continue to make this modification to top/dress patterns from now on.  I have worn this dress for two days now and have yet to feel self-conscious about showing too much.

The only problem with the fit is that when I stand up straight, there is a big gap in the back at the neckline.  It’s not bad enough that I will go to the trouble of fixing it on this dress, but I will modify the pattern before I make another dress from it.

(Sorry for the fuzzy picture, my photo software is broken) At first I was excited because I thought that although this dress had gathers in the front, it didn’t make me look pregnant.  Then I turned to the side and, well, it sort of does make me look pregnant.  But then again, so do half of the clothes on store shelves.  And it just feels so darn comfortable that quite frankly, I don’t care.  Also, I used a pretty thick cotton fabric to make this dress.  I think the drape will be much more flattering with a lighter-weight fabric.

One last photo:I was playing with the timer on my camera and taking pictures of my new dress.  Ruby watched me a few times –  start the camera, run, pose, smile, repeat.  About the third or fourth time, she wanted to join in the fun.


2 thoughts on “My Background Dress.

  1. Your dress looks great! And of course I don’t mind you stealing my post title…I can’t say it’s original on my part since I got the idea to make a background dress from Gertie at Blog for Better Sewing.

    And as for lack of accessories, your wee one is the best accessory of all! She’s precious.

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