Quilt interrupted (but for a good cause)

I was working on this:

(Folk Dance quilt by Anna Maria Horner)

When I realized that I had only one week to make this:

Lila is doing a great job modeling this outfit, but it’s not hers.  I made it as a gift for a baby shower.  It is a size 12-18 months, but my kid is so tiny, at 2 years old, it is still big on her.Here’s an up-close of the skirt:

And and even close look at the button on the side of the skirt.  I got this button in a bag of buttons from the flea market last fall.

The baby shower actually ended up being postponed due to the flooding here in Nashville, but the gift is finished and ready to go.

Now, if I work quickly I can finish the quilt top before beginning work on the next baby shower gift. I’m excited because this one is a boy and I don’t get to do much sewing for little boys.  Apparently, I will be doing a lot of sewing for baby showers in the coming months.  We now have 7 pregnant women at our church.  O.K., so I only know about 6 pregnancies, but we’ve had so many announcements here lately that I figure I’m safe adding one more.  : )


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