Clothes For Me

I often find myself torn between wanting to sew for myself and wanting to sew things for my girls.  Usually I try to switch back and forth, but more often than not, I end up doing very little sewing for myself.  So when my wonderful husband took over the care of our girls for practically the entire weekend on Mother’s day weekend, I used that time to do some sewing for me.

I already had the fabric cut for these tops, so I was able to knock them out pretty quickly.

This one is Simplicity 2614 and I’m not too happy with this one.  I made a mistake when cutting out the pattern.  When I first cut it out, it looked very long and since I’m short, I decided to shorten it by a couple of inches, but now that it’s finished, I really wish I had those inches back.  It’s wearable with high waisted skirts and pants, but if I want to wear it with my blue jeans (which, honestly are probably high waisted by today’s standards), I have to wear a shirt under it because it’s not long enough.  I really like the pattern and plan to make it again, this time without making any adjustments.

This one is Simplicity 4076 and I love this one.  I like the way it fits and I like the fact that it was CHEAP to make.   Typically making clothes for yourself is not cheap, but I paid 99 cents for the pattern and used a coupon for the fabric which ended up costing me less than $3 (and I only used half of it).  I made the top from view B, but used the sleeves from view D.


One thought on “Clothes For Me

  1. I love that you got a chance to sew for yourself, and that second one is lovely! I see what you mean about the length on the other, but it’s flattering, just the same. Excited you got to tackle shirring. It’s on my list of skills to master…..

    S AL next week, by chance? 😉

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