A Nightdress

My husband has been on my case about our girls needing summer pj’s.  Not only is it too warm for their winter pj’s, they have also outgrown them.  I refused to buy them any because I have had “plans” to make summer pj’s for months.  My response when he mentions that the girls need pajamas is that “it’s on my to-do-list.”  Well, last week, he kindly suggested that I move it to the top of my list.   So I did.

I made this night-gown for Lila from the winter ’09 Ottobre.   The directions did not help me at all, but by this point, I have sewn enough raglan sleeves that I did not need instructions.  I used a very lightweight jersey for this gown.

I tried to shorten the sleeves to make it more appropriate for the summer, but my child is so tiny, that the sleeves are still quite long on her.  Well, the entire gown is quite long on her, but that just means that it will be a while before she outgrows it.  She seems pretty happy with it.

Ruby was also quite pleased with it.  I believe her exact words were “Dress!  Dress!  Ruby dress?” So guess what’s next on my to-do list?


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