A Hat

I started knitting this hat back in February.  Then the weather got warmer and I lost interest.   For some reason, I picked it back up recently and finished it.

The pattern is sort of from the book my husband gave me for Christmas, Weekend Knitting.  I say sort of because I changed almost everything about the pattern.  I used a different weight yarn, different sized needles, I used only one color and (surprise, surprise) with all of these changes, the hat was WAY to big for my little girl.  So, I ended up starting it and ripping it all out the first time.  The second time, I stuck with my yarn and needles, but tried to adjust the pattern down so that it would fit.  I think I probably went a little bit too far.  Hopefully Ruby will get a little bit of wear out of it then she can pass it along to Lila.


One thought on “A Hat

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