Ice Cream Social

I’ve joined the Ice Cream Social sew-along.  I have never done a sew-along before, but I am excited about this one.  First of all I love Oliver + S.  I have yet to be disappointed by any experience that I have had with their patterns.

I also joined this sew-along because I feel the need to connect to the online sewing community.  I have a blog and a long list of blogs that I follow, but for the most part this rarely leads to any real connections with other people.  One of the reasons I started a sewing blog is to try to connect with others who love sewing as much as I do, but most of the time I fail to make much of an effort to do that.  Hopefully sewing the same thing at the same time as other bloggers will prove to be a catalyst for connecting with others.

So far, I’ve got my pattern (free from an rewards certificate!) and my fabric.  I’m going to be using a thrifted sheet paired with a purple Kona cotton.  Sorry the fabrics are not very visible here, but I plan to blog about these dresses at each step of the process.   Tomorrow I will be cutting out the pattern and fabrics.  I hope to have enough fabric to make two dresses.


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