Ice Cream Social Day 1

Today we were supposed to trace and cut out the pattern.  I really enjoy this part of the process, for several reasons, not the least of which is that it gives me an excuse to use my colored sharpie markers.  I also enjoy it because it forces me to pay attention to the details of the pattern and gives me a chance to daydream about what the finished product will look like.

Here’s a shot of all of my pieces and directions ready to go:

We were supposed to cut out the fabric today as well, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.


One thought on “Ice Cream Social Day 1

  1. Hello from Australia! I am in the icecream social too. I was so amazed at your layout – I bet you are getting that a lot now 🙂 Anyway I have been checking out your blog instead of working (luckily the boss is away). I have a rather strange request… I was reading your Jamma Jamma Jamma, PJ! post and the vintage sheet looks like the pattern I have been searching for over here for MONTHS. My grandmother used to have three sets with this pattern in blue, lavender and brown/orange colourways. Her original sheets have been lost to time but I wanted to track one down to make a dress for my daughter. You are the first person I have seen actually with the same sheets. I wish my grandmother had of had the pink ones when I was little LOL. I was wondering if you could keep your eye out for a sheet for me? Don’t go looking especially, but just if you happen to see one around… I will, of course, reinburse you and pay for postage to Australia. Nice to meet you in a virtual way, Jodie.

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