Ice Cream Social Day 2

I am already sort of behind.   I thought I had today to finish cutting out my fabric, yet when I checked my Google reader today at lunch, I saw the post for the next steps.  That’s when it hit me that Amy is in Australia.  I was thinking that the next steps would not be coming until the 20th, but in Australia, it is the 20th.  So, I’m behind.

But as of now, I am finished with my cutting.

I am kind of sad that I do not have enough fabric in my stash to make two dresses.  Going out and buying more fabric is not an option right now, so I’ll just have to make one.  I did cut out the fabric B (the thrifted sheet) pieces, so as soon as I add more solids to my stash, I can make another one.


4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social Day 2

  1. You aren’t behind at all! I’ve been posting the topics a tad bit early so those in Australia wake up to the information. We’ve got three days on the next step and you are right on pace! I really love your progress photos. They are some of my favourite in the sewalong. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Oh you are ahead of me! I just find this sew a long last week and my pattern hasn’t arrived yet. maybe today! I already have fabric, as I confess I am a quilter with a huge stash. Have a great day!

  3. Have you thought of piecing together a couple of different bits to get enough for the second dress? That way the girls could be the same, but a bit different. How much are you short by?

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