Ice Cream Social Day 4 & 5

My husband has been laughing at me this week.  I typically lay in bed for about 30-45 minutes (o.k., so some mornings it is more than an hour) after the alarm goes off.  But this week, I’ve been hopping out of bed and over to my sewing machine.  I love sewing, but usually not enough to choose it over extra sleep.  But this week has been a very busy one for me and I know that if I don’t get my sewing done early, it might not get done.

Yesterday I sewed the yoke and today I constructed the bodice.   I also sewed my gathering stitches and started to pin the yoke to the bodice.  This is an exciting step because now you can tell that it’s starting to look like a dress:

This is my first time sewing this particular Oliver + S pattern, but as with other patterns I always start out skeptical that what they’re telling me to do will actually work, but it always does.  I’ve been sewing for almost 5 years now (really, where does the time go?)  But aside from that first year with Mrs. Reese teaching me each week, I’ve had to do a lot of self-teaching.  The internet has been wonderful, but in lieu of a good teacher, I find that a well-written pattern can teach you a lot of good sewing techniques.  I really didn’t know where they were going with the sleeve thing (why were they having me hem the sleeve before I sewed it together?), but after I started sewing on the yoke, it began to make sense. I can’t wait to see the finished product.


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