Red Dress

This is another version of Simplicity 2882 (AKA, my background dress).   I like this version better, not only because it is red, but because I fixed the two main problems that I did not like about the brown version.

1.  I raised the neckline by about an inch and a half.  I thought I had addressed the too-low-cut neckline problem with the brown version by taking an inch out of the tops of the shoulders, but after wearing it several times, I realized that it is still too revealing for my taste.  So for this one, I still took an inch off at the shoulders, but I also added extra fabric at the neckline as well.

2.  I used a fabric with a better drape.  Although it is still very loose-fitting, I only look slightly pregnant when I wear this one.

My girls were flower girls in a wedding last weekend.  Instead of having a rehearsal dinner, everyone went to a Braves game the evening before the wedding.  I knew both the rehearsal and the game would be hot,  and since it was the right color, I chose to wear this dress.   Stay tuned for the dress that I made to wear to the wedding.

(Of course, this last picture is not sewing related, it’s just darn cute.)


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