Ruby’s Quilt

Remember the partially finished quilt top that I posted here?  Well, I finally finished it. 

I used Anna Maria Horner’s free Folk Dance Pattern.  This quilt came together faster than my last quilt (i.e. it did not take me 10 years to complete), but it still seemed like a lot of work.  I used scraps, which was probably a mistake because I ended up doing crazy things like piecing together 6 different little pieces to make one big triangle.  I also did unwise things such as not cutting off the selvages of some of the fabric so that I would have enough of that particular fabric.  It’s not a good idea.  The selvages did not have the same stretch as the rest of the fabrics and when I started sewing them together, it was a mess.

But I eventually got it all worked out and here is Scruffy giving it a test run (Scruffy, by the way was a gift to me from Chris during college and Ruby has adopted him as her sleeping buddy.)

The part of quilting that I dread the most is the binding, but I found it very pleasant this time.  Lots and lots of straight stitching gave me something that is a rarity in my life these days – a few moments to think.

As I was sewing and thinking, I looked down at what was happening to the quilt.  The messiness of the quilt edges was being covered by the quilt binding.   I realized that quilt binding is a lot like Grace.  It doesn’t fix all the problems, it just wraps them in something beautiful.  This is what God does for us.  He has called us to be Holy, but so often, we are not.  We are just a mess, and instead of choosing to look at our mess, God chooses to wrap us in His Grace and make us into something beautiful.  It is also what we are called to do for others.  I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and the preacher said something that stood out to me.  He said that we should not expect perfection in others because perfection belongs only to God.  How often do we expect perfection from others and then get angry with them when they do not live up to our expectation?  We should instead extend the same Grace to others that God has extended to us.

Imagine a quilt without binding.  It might work for a little while, but eventually it’s going to fall apart.  Not only will it not be beautiful, it will eventually cease to be functional either.

Speaking of functional.  This quilt not only functions as a bedspread, it is apparently also great for lying on the grass and giggling and reading with your sister.

I am so excited about finishing this quilt just in time for our first bit of cooler weather.  Since the girls moved into their big girl beds late last spring, they have never needed any covers except light blankets.  But now that they have quilts to take them into the winter.

I know you’re wondering about Lila.  I haven’t forgotten about her.  I do plan to make her one next year (one quilt a year is about all that I can handle), but for now, she has a beautiful quilt on her bed that my grandmother gave to me.  I’ve been thinking about doing a separate post on that quilt.  Even though I did not make it, there are so many things that I love about it that I want to share.

I will leave you with shots of the quilt back.  I used pieces of two thrifted sheets.  You might recognize the fabric.  Each time Ruby sees the back she says “P.J.’s!”

Here’s a close-up of the fabric, which incidentally makes cute little baby toes (o.k. so they are not exactly baby toes anymore, but they are close enough) look even cuter.


3 thoughts on “Ruby’s Quilt

  1. I love the quilt. Sewing binding is one of my favorite things. I sew the raw edge on the front by machine, but sew the back on by hand. I don’t usually like to do handwork, but there is something soothing to me about moving around the quilt with a ladder stitch, smoothing out the binding as I go.

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