Shop Update

I have a sweet friend who has offered to do a giveaway on her blog for me.  (More details soon!)  But for now, I wanted to show you a couple of things that I added to my shop.  I’ve been meaning to add these items for some time now with a vague idea that I would like to add them before the Holiday shopping season begins, but I honestly probably would not have gotten my act together if it had not been for this offer to do a giveaway.

Here is a glimpse of the two outfits that I have added.  I have decided to start selling Oliver + S clothing and am starting with the 2+2 blouse and pleated skirt and the bedtime story P.J.’s. I have made each of these outfits several times before.

(Bedtime Story P.J.’s)

(2+2 Blouse and Pleated Skirt)

Don’t I have the most adorable models?

One other change to my shop:  I have decided to start doing custom work.  I initially avoided this because I hate sewing with deadlines, but I realized that if it weren’t for deadlines, I would never get anything done.   I also realized that even if someone likes my work, they may not need the exact size or like the color of the outfit that I have listed.


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