Any Second Now….

……my phone will ring and my mom will tell me that I have a nephew!  I am very excited.  I started a couple of months ago making a hat for the little one.  I used this pattern from the Purl Bee.  It gave me fits at first because I had no luck finding 12 inch size 2 circular needles so I started on double pointed needles.  I was excited to start this hat, thinking it would be a quick project.  Wrong!  I had used double pointed needles before to finish projects, but I was mostly used to circular needles.  Let’s just say my first twelve or so attempts at this hat were a disaster.   I first cast on this hat while riding in the car one Saturday afternoon on the way to the pumpkin patch.  I was worried sick about a dear aunt who was not doing well at the time (thankfully, she has made a full recovery), my kids were cranky because they had not napped, we were lost and running out of time before the pumpkin patch closed and here I was trying to learn to knit on double pointed needles.  I almost gave up.

Thankfully, we have some wonderful, wise and seasoned knitters at our church and one kind friend talked me into giving double pointed needles another try.  She gave me a few tips that, with a healthy dose of patience and a lot of practice, has helped me find me my peace with double pointed needles.  By the time I finished the hat, I was actually enjoying the process.  I’m almost tempted to tackle socks.  Almost.

Sadly, the first hat turned out a bit too big.  O.K. so it was twice as big as it needed to be.  It fits my toddler.  So, my toddler gets a new hat for now and my nephew can have it later.

I think the problem is the yarn I chose.   I still haven’t figured out the whole yarn weight thing yet and for this hat, I really wanted to use something from my stash so I couldn’t do the whole “take the pattern into the yarn store and ask the nice saleslady to tell me which yarn to use” thing.  Fortunately I had enough of the yarn left to make another , smaller hat.  Which I did.  Using this pattern (thanks, Laura).

Here are the two hats side by side.

Hopefully soon I will be showing you pictures of my new little nephew in his cute little hat!


One thought on “Any Second Now….

  1. I love them! They are absolutely adorable. So soft looking. Bless you for your patience and perseverance! BTW, if you have any time (in the car?) to listen to podcasts, Knit Picks has a really good one. I listened to about 2 years’ worth in a few months, and learned a whole lot about knitting and yarn. Oh, and a friend of mine showed me a book, by Ann Bud, that would really help. I’ll go find it on amazon. I thought about asking for it for Christmas, but I’ve stated before that I won’t ask for knitting stuff for gifts, since I don’t really know how I’ll stick with the hobby at this stage. Hmm.

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