Thanksgiving Skirts

I don’t recall ever dressing up for  Thanksgiving as a child.  It’s just not something that my family did.  But for some reason, I feel compelled to dress up my children for the occasion.  I made these Lazy Days Skirts from some Nicey Jane fabric that I bought a while back with the intention of making something else, but then forgot what I intended to make.  I’m just going to pretend that I intended to make Lazy Days skirts out of it all along.The fabric looks more Spring-y than Fall-ish, but now that the weather is getting colder and we won’t be seeing as much of our good friend the sun, it’ll be nice to see some flowers every now and again.

If anyone is looking for the perfect handmade gift for that little girl in your life, the Lazy Days skirt pattern is available for free on the Oliver and S blog.  It is very quick to sew and  I’m sure that even a beginner could sew up one in a day or two.  These skirts took me about an hour of sewing time for both of them.  I made them big enough that they will probably be able to wear them for at least a year.  On Thanksgiving day alone, I smiled at least 7 times when I saw my girls in their new skirts.  If they wear the skirts at least once every other week for an entire year, that’s 26 wearings which makes 182 smiles – not bad for an hour’s work.


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