Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

I am very excited to be participating in Giveaway Day as a giver this time around.  I have participated several times previously in the “pick me, pick me, pick me” role, but have never actually gotten my act together before and given something away.

So here it goes.  I’m giving away TWO prizes.

Prize # 1: This is a little kit I put together and it contains all of the materials you need (except the thread) to make one of these cute little aprons.  The free pattern is from Meg at Sew Liberated and the finished product will fit any child from 3ish to 6ish.  I’ve already cut the pattern pieces out for you so all you have to do is sit down and sew it together.  A perfect last-minute handmade gift for the special little child on your list.

Prize # 2:

Speaking of perfect handmade gifts for that special little one on your list, why not let me make one for you?  I’m giving away a set of Bedtime Story PJs from my shop.  The picture above shows a cozy flannel print in size 12-18 months, but the winner is not limited to this particular set.  I’ll be glad to whip up a quick custom order based on what you need and do my best to get it to you before Christmas.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post telling me what you would do if you had $200 to give away this holiday season.  Also tell me if you would like to be entered in the drawing for prize #1, prize #2 or both.  So sorry, but I cannot ship internationally (I live in the States).    I will close the comments at midnight eastern time on Wednesday the 15th Friday the 17th and announce the winners sometime Saturday.  I will choose the winners by putting names in a hat and having my daughters draw a name at random.


195 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

  1. I think my granddaughter Lexi would look wonderful in the adorable PJs!! It is easy to know what I’d do with $200. Right after the birth of his sister, Lexi, my grandson George was diagnosed with Leukemia. I would give the money to THE FOUR DIAMONDS FUND that does so much to help the families with childen with cancer. (The Four Diamonds works with Hershey Medical Center and Penn State) See my daughters website: for more information.

  2. If I had $200 to giveaway my I would sponser a child’s christmas who wouldn’t otherwise have one. Thanks for the giveaway, you could enter me for both drawings!

  3. Both prizes are darling. I’d love to be entered for both.

    If I had $200 I’d use it to buy our sweet missionary friends Trey and Kiki anything they needed for their upcoming move to Thailand.

  4. You have a lovely blog and are so nice to have such a wonderful giveaway.
    If I won $200 I would give it to my neighbor who has become a single mom suddenly and is trying to cope with raising her children on her own. She could use the extra for them espeically at this time of the year.
    I would use either giveaway – one for me little niece who loves to bake and the other for my grand nephew!

  5. prize #2
    if i had an extra $200 lying around, i would randomly and secretively buy breakfast, lunch, or dinner for someone i don’t know. i’ve done this a few times before. i would also leave very generous tips for the wait staff.

  6. If I had $200 to give away this Christmas, I would definitely give it to an outreach program at our church. There are so many this time of year, but I would probably split it between the children’s hospital program and a program that helps moms provide Christmas for the kids while also giving the moms much needed job training and parenting classes. You have a great blog. I’m happy to have found it. I’d like to be entered in giveaway #2. Thanks!!

  7. LOVE both of these prizes! I would LOVE to be entered for both! The bedtime PJs, I would need in a 5 though. If that is not possible, please just enter me for the apron kit! Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  8. I’m partial to Heifer international. That’s what we give my grandma each Christmas. Usually something something fishing related. Although I think this year is a goat.

    I like both items, although we don’t have any little people that tiny anymore (for the jammies) but would gift it to my dear friend.

  9. Oh, I have to go with the Olivia fabric, my daughter loves her!

    $200? I would either buy a whole bunch of toys for Toys For Tots or I would give it to the ALS Association. I used to work for them and their cause is dear to my heart.

  10. What fantastic giveaways! I love Olivia, and your pjs look great!

    I would give $200 to a local homeless shelter where I volunteer. Being able to actually SEE what my donations do motivates me to give.

    Now fingers crossed, thanks for the cool giveaway!

  11. If I had 200 to give away this holiday I would use it to buy gifts off those angel trees for less fortunate children so that more could enjoy the joy of Christmas.

    senjosuki at yahoo dot com

  12. What cute things you make! I’d love a pj set for my littlest girl. I’d give $200 to an organization in my city called Safe Families, they take in kids for a short time if the parent needs to work out things in their life.


  13. If I had $200 I would buy fabric and sew pillowcases for the cancer center my husband works at. The patients are so cheered by them!

    I would love to win either prize!

  14. With $200 I would give some Christmas gifts. We are a bit to strapped this year to really buy anything. I love giving so this has been hard for me!
    I would be perfectly pleased with either gift. You are very talented!

  15. Funny you should ask that…we were blessed with an unexpected relief from a bill and had exactly that amount to give away! We donated it to a charity that provides local families with gifts for their children for the holidays since many around us are unable to purchase them. I would love to be entered to win the first giveaway! (apron kit)
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  16. i’d spend the $200 on my sister who just had a baby. anything that made her feel pretty b/c surprisingly having a baby can make you feel so unfeminine! i love the jammies and the apron kit. if i had to choose one it would be the jammies though.

  17. I would love to enter the drawing for the apron. Olivia is a favorite at my house so I know the apron would be a huge hit.
    As for the $200… I think I would buy Children’s books with it and take them to the many homeless shelters here where I live (to give to the homeless children).

  18. If I had $200 to give away, it would probably go straight to the Alzheimer’s association this year. My grandfather just passed away las Monday and was stricken with this, most ugly disease I have ever encountered.

    I’d LOVE a pair of those PJ’s for my little Joss! She’s 8 months old today! This should be my best Christmas ever!

  19. I would love to enter both gift-aways! If I had $200- I would buy a cow, donkey or some chickens for a family to use in South America so they could have fresh eggs, milk and food!

  20. I would love the apron kit. I have a daughter named Olivia so we love Olivia the pig around here. If I had $200 to just give away, I think it would be cool to go somewhere to people watch. Then, when I’ve scoped out just he right little family that looks like they could use the extra Christmas cash I’d just walk up and hand it to them with a smile and a “Merry Christmas.” I think that would be the coolest thing ever and I wish I could do it every year!

  21. I’d love to enter the apron drawing, and the pj drawing if you’d make them in a toddler size. They are so sweet!
    I’d adopt a local family for the holidays, to make sure they were all able to have some special things. My friends and I did this last year and it was delightful to make sure that the parents were well taken care of as well as the kids.

  22. Please enter me in both contests.
    If I had $200 extra I would get more kids from our Churches angel tree and buy them gifts. These are all kids who have a parent in prison. This would allow me to do about 4 or 5 more kids.

  23. I’d love to be entered for both prizes. If I had $200 to giveaway this year I’d let my kids pick Angels off the Angel Tree and buy gifts for them and use it as a way to teach them the importance of giving to others.

  24. i would love to be entered to both! if i had 200 dollars i would use it to buy my family gifts! they do so much for me !

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  25. what a fab giveaway! i’d love either – olivia is so cute but then again, those pjs are too! If I had an extra $200 i would donate it to my friend Amy – whose family has been hit hard this season with tragic news. you can read about it (or donate) at she’s a mom of four and a photographer, and i would love to take a little of her worries away.

  26. I would love to win the pjs for my little sweety! If I had $200 to give away I would give it to my local food bank, because I know there are a lot of families struggling with money right now and I don’t want anyone to go hungry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. If I had $200 to giveaway I would go get some names of children off of the Angel Tree. We sponsored a child with our church group and I like to show our boys how giving is more rewarding than receiving

    LOVE your pajama set…and would love to get a set. I only have boys right now but we are in the beginning stages of adopting a little girl to join our family. Sooo some really girly pajamas would be so nice to put into my hope chest for her.

  28. Prize number 1 looks great — I love those pigs and having the cutting done for me! 😉 If I were to have $200 to give away, I’d use it towards the family that my company adopts every year for the holidays.

  29. If I had $200 to give away, send it to a family that I know. They just moved into the area so the Dad could be treated for a crazy scary heart condition he just developed. To make it oh so better, they just found out the rental the moved in was not cleaned properly, but instead they just painted over all the black mold. The whole family is getting sick, and the house as been condemned. What a great time of year for that to happen (not!)

  30. Oh the apron kit looks fun! If I had an extra $200 I would probably donate it to the local animal shelter that had it’s main office burn down a couple of months ago 😦 they need all the help they can get!

    P.s. I’m participating in giveaway day too!

  31. Those pjs are adorable, but I’d like either one. If I had $200 this year… I’d buy a kitchen aid. Selfish I know, but I’d like to start making bread for our family and eating healthier and this would help enormously.

  32. An extra 200$ – would probably go toward more fabrics [for quilts to giveaway]. I’ve already sponsored a JC Penny Angel, Toys for Tots and a coat drive. Everyone else is getting cookies! lol

  33. If I had $200 to give away, I would give half to Farm Sanctuary (sanctuary for farmed animals) and half to Best Friends (homeless “pet” sanctuary.

    Please sign me up for the jammas drawing! I would love to surprise my niece with a pair made just for her!

  34. Hmmm…I think there are family members that could sure use $200 if I had it to give to them!
    I love prize #2!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    justforthis917 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  35. If I had an extra $200, I would pay the utilities for my friends. He is out of work and she is struggling to make ends meet. Sucks any time of the year, but especially at Christmas.

    On a more selfish note, I would love to be entered into both drawings!

  36. Prize #1! My daughter looves Olivia. If I had $200 to give away, I’d make up a series of emergency packs for our local homeless shelter. They can do so much with so little!

  37. I want both items 😉

    And as for the $200, I know a family that could really use it this holiday season, so I’d put it in the mail to them without letting them know who it was from 😉

  38. I would love to win either prize. Hmm – giveaway $200? I think I’d set up a needy mom with cloth diapers for their new baby. Saves money time and time again:)

  39. I’d like to be entered for both! And I’d give half to the local food pantry, half to my church’s mission in Haiti. Thanks for the giveaway!
    parknj at verizon dot net

  40. Oh my, is that Olivia the Pig I see?! My daughters LOVE Olivia! Your handmade pjs are lovely too! Please enter me in both giveaways! 🙂 If I had $200 I would pass it along to a family friend who really needs it this year.

  41. If I had $200 I’d buy supplies to make some simple Christmas craft, then get women from the local shelter to help me make them (hopefully teaching them a skill in the mean time), and then sell them to make even more money and help them get on their feet.

    I think it’d be wonderful seed money to them starting their own business.

    Please enter me into both drawings please, both ideas are delightful!

  42. Great giveaway! I’d love to be entered for both.

    If I have $200 to give away, I would donate it to the domestic violence crisis center in my town. They did so much for my daughter and I in our time of need, and I would love to give back.


  43. I would give away the $200 to the (non-profit) camp my husband and I attended as kids. We later worked there and that’s how we met 🙂

    Or, I would give the $200 to a friend of mine who is raising money to adopt a second child.

  44. Both of your prizes are lovely but I believe my almost 1 year old Grand daughter could use some of those adorable pjs!

    If I had $200 I would divide it between our 5 grown children. They are all hard working but a little extra cash would always be helpful as they make their way in this world.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. I’d use the $200 to sponsor a needy family from church. My parents did this when we were little and I finally *get it* with what it really meant to a family in need. It is true that it is better (and more rewarding) to give than to receive.

    I’d pick the first prize and make a surprise apron for my 3 year old daughter – she LOVES Olivia and I can just picture the smile on her little face.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Blessings to you this holiday season!

    catherine s.
    imaginethatdesign (at) yahoo (dot) com

  46. I would split the money & use part for gifts for local children in need, and part for my favorite international non-profit: Heifer Project International. Very sweet giveaway! Happy Holidays

  47. If I had $200 to give away I would give it to a needy family. This is such a great giveaway! I’d love to win either prize.

  48. I love Olivia the pig! The apron fabric is great!!

    If I had $200 I would split it between Camp Alkulana and CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation–two charitiable groups in Virginia that are close to my heart (especially the people who run them!)

  49. I would give the money away to the homeless shelter I used to work at. I would love to be entered into both giveaways


  50. If I had $200 I would do something special for the young man from our church who was just diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last month and is newly married and has a new baby and is in the Air Force stationed thousands of miles from home.

    Is it selfish that I want to win both?!?!

  51. I’ve always wanted to buy dinner for someone I didn’t know in a restaurant anonymously. Someone did that for us once and it was such a blessing. Of course, with $200, that would still leave plenty to buy some chickens for families in a third world country. 😉 I’d love either prize. Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. If I had $200 to give away I’d probably split it between my 3 kids, or perhaps give it to my eldest who is starting college soon. I’d love gift #1. Thanks for the chance to win something!

  53. My little guy would love the pajamas!
    If I had $200 to give away, I would give it to my BIL. He has been in and out of the hospital for the past year with a blood clotting disorder that is really causing many problems. The doctors do not know what to do to treat him. His family could really use the money for travel expenses to the hospital and parking fees (why do they have to charge to visit a sick loved one?!).
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. I would use the $200 to stock food items of highest need at our community food pantry.

    My prize of choice is #2, the kimono pajamas. I’m expecting baby #2 in April and have been admiring kimono sewing pajamas… but haven’t had the time to make a set (yet!)

  55. So so cute! Love the apron and PJs. My son will be 3 and is starting to bake with me. I was going to make or buy him an apron but haven’t done so yet. The PJs would be perfect for my daughter. She is 8 months now. Great stuff!

  56. If I had 200 to give away this season I would probably fold it up real small and put it in one of the salvation army bell ringers buckets. My grandfather relied upon them for food and shelter for a few months as a young man

  57. That is so sweet of you to actually make something for the winner! I would be so blessed by that – I’m due to have my baby boy within the next few weeks and I’m staying at home with my 4 and 1 yr olds. Life’s a bit too hectic right now for me to do any serious sewing, but it’d be great to win some jammies for my little girl. (I haven’t been able to get to the thrift store for warm stuff in her size.)
    About getting $200? I’d love to donate to a friend of mine who has a 9 yr old with a mix of very serious genetic disorders. Her husband was recently laid off and they are living very humbly. But she’s been such an encouragement to me, continually reminding me of God’s faithfulness. I just want to bless her in some way.

  58. I would love love love the fabric to make the apron! I didn’t even know that there was Olivia fabric! If I had $200 to give, I would buy Smart Wool socks for deployed soldiers, or buy books for children who have a parent in prison.

  59. Custom made pajamas! What a generous giveaway! Olivia fabric is pretty cute too, but I think I’d like the pajamas as I’m way behind in my pajama making. No need to complete before Christmas. 200 dollars would go to Mom and MIL, they both are so generous with others and both could use a little financial help this year.

  60. I love the first prize…Is that Olivia fabric? My daughter loves her! 🙂 If I had $200 to giveaway this Christmas, I would find a struggling family & give it to them for them to have a great Christmas meal & gifts! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  61. I’d go for prize #1 because I don’t have any wee ones right now. The jammies are darling, though! $200 to give away? I’d go for the local food bank. I know ours doesn’t have enough to help all the families in need this year and that money would really help.

  62. Love the giveaway, especially Prize #1!!! My birthday is Dec. 17th, so winning would make the day even better!

    If I had an extra $200, I would send it to the kids I sponsor with Compassion International.

  63. If I had $200, I would adopt a family in need. Some organizations try to find a family that can’t afford presents and buy for the kids and parents. $200 proly wouldn’t stretch a whole family, but it would be a good start!
    Oh, I would love the fabric to make the apron!

  64. I would love to win wither prize. If I had $200 dollars to give away, I would give it to my sister in law and her family for their Christmas.

  65. My mom is always doing so much for others that if I had $200 to give away this holiday season, I would definitely do something to pamper her. I would love to be entered into the draw for the jammies. They’re adorable!

  66. I would love those PJs for my baby!
    $200 to give away: Hard one… so many charities that could use that money, normally I give to Oxfam, but I think I would give to thyroid cancer support group, as it is close to my heart.

  67. Lovely little items! I’d love either 🙂 If I had $200, I’d give part to my sis-in-law who is pretty financiallly strapped, and part to a missionary friend in Niger.

    grl_4_God at hotmail dot com

  68. I would like to be entered for both. If I had 200$ I would donate $50 to, $50 to Tompkins County SPCA, $50 to Burlington VT SPCA, and use $50 to buy toys for Toys for Tots!

  69. I have to enter this giveaway! That’s Olivia, my daughters new favorite pig! She walks around the house singing Olivia, Olivia. The pj’s are also really cute and would come in handy for the new baby.

    $200 to give away. When I came across a mom doing her best with her kids and doing it right, meaning the kids were polite and well behaved or that she was trying to get her kids to be polite and to behave, I would give her $100 and say keep it up the good job, now do something nice for yourself. I would do it twice, so two moms could benefit.

  70. I would give the $200 to a family that lost their daughter after a terrible car accident. They have accumulated a hefty bill after staying in a hotel in a major city while their daughter was in ICU.

  71. Thanks for the chance to win in your giveaway. If i had $200 to give away. I would give half to the Heifer project that gives animals to families so they can raise the animals and be self sustaining. The other half I would give to one of the local homeless shelters in town.
    If I would win, I would pick the apron. Everyone loves Olivia.

  72. If I had $200 to give away, I’d give it to our local crisis pregnancy center for Christmas. I’d love to have either of the giveaways. They are both great.

  73. If I had $200 to give away I would give it to compassion international or to a family going through adoption. (prob. the latter). Thank you for the chance to win!


  74. Hi, thanks for having a giveaway. If I win, I’d like the little apron kit. I have an almost 4 yr old girl (whom I’m fixing to start on a sewing machine) who likes to “help” me cook. She can make easy mac in the microwave by herself already and we’re branching over to the stove soon.

    If I had $200 to give away this Christmas, I’d buy every penny of it in canned veggies and give to my local salvation army/red cross.


    marilynjw1971 (at) gmail (dot) com

  75. I would love to win the second giveaway, I’ve got 2 little ones who could actually use some new jammies. So, what would I do with $200 to giveaway this holiday? Well there are actually two places I would like to put money towards. I donate children’s items to the Burn Center of Harborview Hospital in Seattle, and I would love to do even more for them this holiday season. Also, my grandmother recently had to be moved into a Senior home and I would love to be able to bring in some fun holiday items for all of the people in the home and do something special for them. It is heartbreaking to me that there are some people who have no one to come and visit them. Honestly, even without an extra $200 I’m still going to find a way to accomplish both of these things, it’s less about how much money you have, and more about just taking the time to actually go do it. 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and have a Happy Holiday.

  76. I would buy something nice for my grandma who just got out of the hospital, maybe a very nice robe.
    #2 would be best for us becuase my daughter is outgrowing her jammies. Thankyou!

  77. I would love a pair of PJ’s for my little one!

    I would donate the $200.00 to Childrens Miracle Network. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done in our local hospital and helping 2 of my children struggle through times when they are sick.

  78. i would love #2 – i think i might like the pj’s to be for my baby due in june, but i also have a two-year-old who would love some cozy new jammies.

    $200 to give away would be amazing. i think i would donate to a local women & children’s shelter, or possibly to a literary arts / youth program.

    thanks so much for the chance to win!

  79. Love the PJ set, so I’m entering for prize #2.

    If I had $200 to give away, I’d donate it to the Ohio Food Bank.

    Thanks for the chance!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  80. Absolutely both. Wonderful! I would sponsor a family through the salvation army.
    Thanks for the chance.

  81. I would find a needy family to make their holiday this year! I would like to be entered for the fabric (although the outfit is terribly cute, my kiddos are a little big for that)! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. I would love either giveaway, but the pjs look so cute! If I had $200 I would walk around town collecting the “charity ornaments” off the wish Christmas trees and buy all the gifts that were requested. scarletteandcinnamon(at)gmail(dot)com

  83. I love both of your prizes! If I had $200. to give away, I would give it to someone who is really in need and do it anonymously!

  84. If I had $200 to give away, I would use it to conduct random acts of kindness — my son & I were talking about what RAKs are –no better time than the holidays to do them 🙂

    #1 would be so cute for my 4 year old!

  85. With the money I would hire a photographer to take free pictures for families who can not afford them. This is the time of year for memories.

    I would love to be entered in both.

  86. I would send the $200 to Samaritan’s Purse. Have you ever seen their “gift” catalog?! That would be enough to give 4 families enough supplies to start a farm or a fishing boat, or almost enough for 3 families to get a dairy animal. Or it could provide care for 5 HIV-positive orphans & widows. Or water filters for 2 households. I think I would like to be in giveaway #2. 🙂

  87. I love both your giveaways but would choose #2 for my new niece.

    If I had $200 I would give it to …they make microloans to those less fortunate than many.

  88. If I had $200? I think I’d give it to the Salvation Army. Then I know that it would be used directly for someone who needed it.
    I’d love either give-a-way!

  89. If I had $200 I would get more names from our local angel tree to help make a few more children’s Christmas brighter.

    #1 would be my pick to make for my niece.

  90. If I had $200 to give away, I would give it to my parents. They’re struggling a little this holiday season…I’m sure $200 would definitely help. And I love the apron! Thanks!

  91. If I had $200 to give away it would be to my local school. ❤ I'm down for either prize ❤

    Thanks for a great giveaway! All the best to you and yours this season and always. xox


  92. Put me down for door prize #1!! ~ If I had $200 to give away….I would give it to my wonderful neighbor. She is a SAHM and her husband owns his own business. Which means they make a lot of sacrafices! I would give it to her because she owns a long arm machine (her only small source of income) and does all my quilting projects for me without taking money!! I have often thought of being her Secret Santa….this would be a perfect gift!!

  93. If I had $200 to give away I would buy food and some daily items and give them to the people are are in my area on the street corners asking for help. I know that the charities are out of money and people are getting little help and I understand why people end up there. Some food and little things people need would make a big difference and that kind of money would help lots of people.

    THANKS FOR A GREAT GIVEAWAY. I would like package 1 if I were picked!

  94. Our family is expecting its first baby/grandchild, due Dec. 26th. While running down the list of stuff we still need, we discovered that the baby monitor the kids want hadn’t been purchased. Those can be a bit pricey and no one has any ready cash left to get one. In many instances those devices have been the difference between life & death for so many young children. While I didn’t have one when my son was a baby, I have known others who fortunately had one when a little one was in distress. I think a monitor is an important part of the nursery. I always give to charities, especially during the holidays, and the 200.00 would benefit some of the local food bank programs in our area. Those are the ideas that I would consider for spending that kind of money. I think the little pj’s are just adorable. Like munchkin judo jammies. So cute. Like your little girls! Thank you for offering such sweet items for the giveaway. Tina

  95. How fun! I have 3 kids, so I’d make use of either prize. 🙂

    If I had $200 to give away? Hmm. I have always wanted to do one of those angel trees but go all-out for it, so I’d probably do that and pick a family and buy gifts for the whole family.

    Also, I can save you on shipping if I win – I’m in Lebanon! 🙂


  96. this is a great question- if i had $200 to spend on others/give away, i would use it to purchase items to be donated at Veterans homes. My father was honored yesterday with a veterans war time medal by the state of connecticut. it was so moving, and so sad to hear how many homeless veterans there are (even in this state alone.) and i guess as an aside, i’d love to be entered for the fabrics 🙂

  97. There are good charities that I would love to support with an extra $200 to give away. Emmaus Ministries, for 20 years has been working in Chicago reaching out to men in prostitution. There ministry reminds me of the Bible passage; ‘Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me – you did it to me.’ I’m always glad when I’m able to give them some money. That is the best kind of giving.

    • Both drawing would be great. Sorry I didn’t put it on the actual response. I hope this doesn’t mess up your count. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Chirstmas.

  98. If I had $200 to give away I would give it to my friends that are raising money to adopt a little boy from Uganda.

    Both giveaways are great! I LOVE those pjs and my son always needs more pjs!

  99. I’m in Nashville too! Hope you’re hanging in there with this storm! I’d love to win the first item and I have a little girl in mind it would look super cute on.

  100. If I had $200 to give away, I’d give it to my sister — she just bought a house and is expecting a baby, so is on a very tight budget. >_<

    If I won, I'd looove the apron set… my little boy loves Olivia books, and that's her on the fabric, isn't it? I'd squee everytime I saw him with it!

  101. If I had $200 to give away, I’d purchase 10 $20 gift certificates to Target or a grocery store. I’d put each into a small envelope and place them in my bag. Then I would give them out to random strangers while out and about who look like they could use a little random act of kindness to brighten their day.

  102. Prize # 1 for me…I think that if I had $ 200.00 to give away I would go to the thrift stores or even walmart and walk around till I found a woman crying….Ive done it before because I wasnt able to buy my daughter much if anything then I would walk up to her and give her the money and say merry christmas!! Then smile and leave!

  103. I would pick the apron kit! Love it!

    $200: I’d use to pay utility bills for people in my community (I’m also in Nashville) who can’t care for their bills themselves.

  104. prize one…i love red and my baby just turned 3!! if i had $200 this holiday season? i would secretely send it to my sister. she and her husband do and provide so much for their 5 kids on so little. and happily they are happy living such a life…but i thnk the extra cash would make for an easier holiday season for them.

  105. I would like #1 the apron. If I had $200 to give away I would give it to a friend whose husband has been without a job for almost a year.

    Merry Christmas!

  106. I like #1 most of all.
    I would use the $200 to pay for 2 kids in Kenya to go to high-school for one year, paid through CHOICE Humanitarian.

  107. If I could give away $200 this season, I’d use it to buy fabric to make quilts for our crisis shelter. Our quilt guild is always looking for fabric to make charity quilts.

  108. If I had $200 to give away this Christmas season I would donate it towards my sister and her husband’s adoption fund. They are trying to adopt a child from Africa and are just beginning the adoption process.

    Thanks for the chance to win- the.ant.hil(at)gmail(dot)com

  109. Hi! Would love to win a boy version of the pj’s 🙂

    If I had $200 to give away I would donate it to EB research so hopefully one day they will find a cure.

  110. My little boy would LOVE the PJ set!! And with $200, I would either give to my friend who’s son with DS just had heart surgery or to Shiloh Restored, a mission rescuing girls from infanticide in India, started up by our friends! (great question!)

  111. I’d give the $200 to someone I know who is really struggling. I’d like to be entered for both but like the little jammies for my grandson.

  112. I love those PJs. I have not had much luck finding 100% cotton PJs for my son, so I was planning to make some from a recycled sheet if some don’t magically appear under the tree. On to your question: I’d give the $200 to my local humane society. It makes me so sad to think of all those dogs and cats in cages by themselves, instead of sleeping on a nice warm couch surrounded by love.

  113. $200? I’d give it to Operation Santa Claus so that local kids get warm clothes. I always enjoyed shopping for OSC in high school. I could never decide between the two prizes – enter me for both!

  114. If I had $200 to give away this Christmas I would anonymously leave it for a couple of families that I know are really struggling to pay their bills right now.

    I would love win either prize!

  115. Wonderful prizes! If I had $200 to give away, I’d donate it to CJCOHN, which stands for Churches Joint Council on Human Needs. It’s a service organization comprised of networked churches. CJCOHN provides food, emergency help, diapers, etc., and referral services to people in need.

  116. If I had $200 to giveaway I would go to walmart or maybe local grocery store and give $20 to people I feel like could use the money until I had out all $200.

  117. Half would go to a Salvation Army kettle and half would go to the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. I would choose prize #1. Merry Christmas!

  118. Gosh, I’d like either, but I like Ophelia fabric best!

    $200 to give away? I’d give to an animal shelter or something similar. With money so tight, people have a hard time feeding their pets and shelters don’t get as many donations.

  119. Both prizes are great but I’d pick the PJs! If I had $200 to give away, I would Give $100 each to two couples I know that could use it.

  120. If I had an extra $200, I’d pay a bill or something like that for my friends who are dealing with life after cancer and possible a reocurrance of cancer. He will have surgery tomorrow and results next week.
    I would love either giveaway! Thanks!
    blessed.mama4 at

  121. If I had $200 dollars to giveaway this year I think I would cash it into small bills and hand it out to people in need. Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d love to be entered for either.

  122. I would like to be entered in the apron kit drawing. We love Olivia 🙂 And if I had $200, I would pay some of the bills of a friend who has fallen on hard times.

  123. What a wonderful giveaway. I love both of them and would love to win either. I LOVE the picture of your daughter in the pajamas jumping on the bed. Super cute. I really love those pajamas.
    If I had $200 to give away first I would buy something very special as a rememberance for a very dear friend of my husband and I. She just lost her father yesterday after a very short illness and because I lost a family member myself near the holidays, while anytime of the year is hard to lose one, during the holidays it’s magnified somehow; at least for me it was. My own Grandmother died on Christmas morning when I was younger and it is still one of the first thoughts I have every year. I would buy a special ornament for her to make her smile each year during the holidays or something. After that the rest would go to purchase gifts for children in the local abused women’s shelter. Many children in those type shelters have nothing from their ‘old’ life and even possibly none of their own toys they had before Mom had to leave for her own and their safety. They need something new they can call their own now.

  124. My husband and I actually did give $200 to a crisis pregnancy resource center here in Boston, just this week! So that is what I would do! I would love to win that apron kit.

  125. I would like to enter #1 thanks.
    I know of a few families near me that could use a little help this Christmas with some things, I would have a fun time spending $200 on them and their little kids, maybe some food, and some fun toys. and some basic clothes.

  126. I would give the $200 to the Fox foundation ,Michael J Fox’s foundation to find the cure for parkinsons.It’s a charity near and dear to our hearts. I would love to be considered for both drawings.
    Happy holidays!!!

  127. Would love to be entered to win the apron – looks like Olivia the pig! My daughter loves her.

    I would give $200 to a local food pantry that is struggling to stay open. Thanks for the chance!

  128. I would like to be entered for both! If I had 200 to give…we would pray about who to give it to…one that comes to mind is Cliffy’s Adoption fund that’s been floating around on blogs lately.


  129. I’d love to win the kid’s apron kit. I know a little girl who would love that. As for the $200, I’d love to donate the money to get gifts for older people in nursing homes who don’t get gifts from anyone else.

  130. Oh, I LOVE these prizes. Thanks for the chance to win! If I had an extra $200 to give away, I think I would support the Breastfeeding Resource Center in Easton (outside of Philadelphia). The lactation consultants there got me through many rough patches when my son was born, and they do a lot of pro bono work to encourage mothers who want to nurse but are struggling through it. I am incredibly grateful to them!

  131. Adorable. Either would make me happy!
    I would take my kids to the grocery store and spend the money on food, then take it to the food bank. That way we all get the joy of giving and helping out.

  132. I would give the $200 to one of my missionary friends, Gregg, who is a missionary with Open Air Campaigners. Why not spend this money towards spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ? What a great idea!

    Anyhow, I love both gifts, but I will let someone else enjoy making the apron, (I have too many projects that I need to finish!)

    However, I have a lovely flower girl, (I am getting married in one month!) who would look absolutely darling in the pj’s that can be custom made for her. That would be such a sweet gift to give her for her participation in my wedding! She is such a sweet girl, her name is IvyElizabeth. Absolutely too cute!

    Thanks for this giveaway! God bless & Merry CHRISTmas!!!

    cthompson4 at liberty dot edu

  133. my kiddo loves olivia so I think she’d love the apron!

    what to do with an extra $200? I would buy several car seats to give to people whose babies/toddlers/kids would otherwise not have one or only have unsafe expired or outgrown seats.

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