I bought this pattern right after Christmas.  It was an impulse buy and I sort of regretted it.  It’s one thing to pay $.99 for a pattern and then change your mind about liking it.  It’s another to pay $15.95 for a pattern then change your mind.  I just didn’t seem to like the pattern as much once I got home with it.  But I decided to sew it up anyway and I’m glad I did.

It came together very easily and it turned out much cuter than on the envelope.

The only change I made to the pattern was to add an adjustable waistband to the skirt. The way this skirt was put together, it was very easy. I just sewed some buttonholes into the right end of the elastic. Then I sewed a button on the inside of the skirt just in front of the right side seam. Then instead of sewing the elastic in place on the right side, I just attached it to the button.  One of my girls has an itty bitty waist and the other has an itty bittier waist, so being able to adjust the waist on their clothes is important.

I’m not sure about the fabric I used for the top. I got it at
Threadfest last fall. It is some sort of thin cotton blend, not very stretchy. The skirt is made with a medium weight denim. I actually got the fabric for this skirt from a HUGE skirt I found at goodwill. It was a size XXXL denim skirt for 99 cents.  I used about a forth of the fabric from the goodwill skirt to make this one.


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