Finish It Up!

You know you have way too many unfinished sewing projects when they have their very own drawer.

So when I came across Meg’s Finish It Up summer challenge, I knew I had to join.   I think I’m (fashionably?) late to the party, but I’m joining in anyway.

Here is my initial list:

1. A 2+2 blouse by Oliver + s. Intended for my shop.

2. Curtains for the windows that surround my front door.

3.My husbands two favorite pair of socks both with huge holes.  He doesn’t want to throw them away so I told him I could fix the holes.  Um… anybody know how to darn socks?

4.Two dresses I made for the girls last year.  The waists and shoulder straps need to be let out.  Perhaps I might add a cute trim to the bottom to make them a little bit longer.

5.A Alice costume I started for my girls last year, but never finished because I realized that it was going to swallow them. Hoping it will fit this year.

6.This one is actually finished, but I hate the way it fits.  I’m either going to figure out how to make it fit or just turn the bottom into a skirt.

7.Bedtime story p.j.’s.  Also intended for my shop.

8.These are mostly finished.  I just need to repair the waistband

8. Not sure if this counts as an unfinished project, but I’m adding it in.  This is an old pair of undies that I recently cut up to use as a patten to make a new pair.  I finished the new pair and they fit so well that I want to make a more permanent pattern.

9.More undies. these are for the girls.  I’ve cut them out, but haven’t sewn them together.

10.Last but not least.  This pile is on my table right now.  It’s a crib bumper and skirt for a sweet little boy.

Thanks Meg for hosting this fun little party.  I’m definitely a list person and I’m hoping that the combination of being able to cross things off my list as well as having blogging friends to motivate me will help me get these things done faster.



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