Something Old, Something New

I made this purse months ago, but never posted it.  I keep thinking I need to, but keep forgetting.  Then last week, I got complement number 251 on it (one lady last week actually asked me if I sold them and like and idiot I said no – still kicking myself for that one) .  So, here it is.  I used Simplicity 2551.

I added pockets to the lining.  Pockets are a must for me. I love having a place for everything.  I put in a larger pocket on one side for things such as hand sanitizer and sunglasses and perfectly sized pockets on the other for my cell phone and three pens.  No more dumping out my purse just to find a pen and more importantly no more rambling through my purse for my phone only to put my hands on it just as the caller hangs up.

Now that I’ve got that very overdue post out of the way, let’s move onto my next project.  I picked up Simplicity 2443 a while back and the other day picked up a black and white striped jersey knit.  At the time I bought the fabric I was thinking of just doing vertical stripes.  I had a moment at the cutting counter where I realized that if I cut the fabric according to the layout on the pattern instructions, the stripes would be going the wrong way.  I almost stopped her from cutting, but decided that I could just be creative.  So far, here is where my creativity has taken me.

I’m thinking so far that I like the option on the right the best.  What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. I like #2 and #3, I think. And the purse is adorable! Did you make a tissue packet cover with scraps? I wondered, are the straps comfortable? I haven’t done plain fabric straps on something I use daily, just wondered.

    • Yes, the straps are comfortable. I haven’t really thought about it, but I guess if they were not comfortable, I would have noticed. Yes the tissue packet cover was made with scraps. Here is a tutorial

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