Quiet Please

When my girls were babies (Why is that so hard to type? Could it be that it seems like they were just babies last week and they will be FOUR at the end of this month and next year they will be 5 and the year after that they will be 18, or so it seems), anyway when my girls were babies, we had an all too frequent nap time problem called LOUD KNOCK AT THE DOOR.  Normally, I don’t mind loud knocks at the door because it often means a friend or neighbor is stopping by to speak or that the mail man has come. But our nap time LOUD KNOCK AT THE DOOR seemed to always come from the same neighbor.  She seemed to have a 6th sense for knowing when my girls had been asleep for exactly 15 minutes.

You moms out there know what I’m talking about.   Fifteen minutes is the minimum amount of sleep needed to convince any child that they don’t need to sleep any more.  If a child is woken up after 7 or even 14 minutes of sleep, you can usually get her to go back to sleep, but if she’s had a good 15 minutes of sleep then you wake her up, she thinks she’s good to go until bedtime.  You, of course know this is not true and that a 15 minute nap means not only means that you lose one hour and 45 minutes of precious me-time/work time/time to clean the house, etc. but also, you’re going to have one cranky kid before bed time (or, in my case, two cranky kids).  The problem is that there is no chance that you’re going to convince the kid to go back to sleep.

 So, back to my neighbor, bless her heart. Needless to say, after performing the almost impossible task of getting two babies to sleep at the same time,I was not always pleased when she stopped in on me during nap time.  Subtle hints never seemed to work, neither did not-so-subtle hints for that matter and I was just not willing to be unkind.  I always dreamed to making a cute little sign that said “quiet please, baby is sleeping”, but seeing as how much of my crafting time was taken away by LOUD KNOCK AT THE DOOR, I never got around to it when my girls were babies (still hard to type).

However, my next door neighbors had a baby a few weeks ago and the same neighbor that often knocks on my door, knocks on their door often as well.  So naturally, I made her a sign.


The lamb and flowers are from Alicia Paulson’s Embroidery Companion, which reminds me, I am SO excited about this. 



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