for Penny

Anna Maria Horner‘s Handmade Beginnings is quickly becoming my go-to source for baby gifts.  It is usually a toss-up between the Pretty as a Picture Dress andthis Baby in the Hood Jacket.

I typically don’t make clothes for babies under one year.  I just can’t bear the thought of putting a lot of time into something that is going to be spit up on and pooped on and outgrown in a matter of weeks.  This baby (Penny) will be born in late fall and when she turns one, she’ll have a hoodie waiting for her.

I knew Penny’s mom didn’t want a ton of pink in her daughter’s closet,  but I still wanted the jacket to be girly.

The solid is one of my favorite Kona colors (notice how it matches the background exactly – that’s a pillow cover I made for my living room a few years ago) and I love the way those buttons pop on that background.

The last jacket I made was for another member of my church and I got to see him wear it often.  It was a cute jacket, but it was made a thousand times cuter by the little boy who wore it.  I can’t wait to meet Penny and I can’t wait to see how much cuter she will make this jacket.


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