A T-shirt and then some rambeling about taking pictures and then a tangent about blogging

I picked up this fabric at Threadfest with the intention of making a shirt for myself.   So.. I made a shirt for myself.

It’s just a simple t-shirt, but it fits me perfectly.  I used Butterick B5386 view A. I wanted to make it long sleeved, but I didn’t have enough fabric.  I will definitely be making more from this pattern.   I know some think it is crazy to make a simple t-shirt when you can just go out and buy a RTW for $10, but this shirt was so easy and cheap to put together.  It took me less than two hours including cutting out the pattern and fabric.  The fabric only cost a dollar  and the pattern was on sale for $.99, so even if you want to factor in the cost of things like thread and needles, it still cost less than $5.

And did I mention that it fits me perfectly?  I cut a size 8 for the shoulders and graded out to a size 12 for the torso.  This is what makes it worth it for me to make my own t-shirts.  If I buy a shirt in the store that fits me in the shoulders, it is tight across my stomach.   I’m not by any means fat, but shirts that fit tightly across my stomach don’t exactly do me any favors.

Now if I could only be as good at photography as I am at sewing.  The picture above was the best we got out of about 50 takes.  My patient husband usually gets roped into taking pictures of me.  I wish I knew more about lighting, focus and a whole bunch of other photography words that I don’t know yet, but for now, picture taking usually involves me taking pictures of my husband until I feel it looks right then we switch places and he takes pictures of me.

The lighting inside wasn’t working, so we decided to take it outside.   I’m not a photography expert, but I’m pretty sure that the lighting in this next photo is less than perfect.

Lil Blue Boo has lots of great info and tips for taking better photos.  I read about the rule of thirds the other day and was pleased to discover that the crop feature on my photo editing software has a built in 3 x 3 grid. Who knew?

Sometimes I wonder if I waste too much time reading other blogs, but then I come across information like this that I should probably already know, but don’t and I realize that this little (or not so little) online community is important.   This post came across my blog reader the other day and mentioned button thread.  Am I the only one who didn’t know about button thread? I guess it makes sense that you should use heavier thread to sew on buttons, but I didn’t know it was an actual thing that you could buy in the store.   So as long as I keep picking up these little nuggets of information here and there, I’ll keep reading and writing and hopefully someone somewhere will learn something from me one day.


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